Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

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Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

High Efficiency

With sprinkler irrigation systems, irrigation water is sent to the field. deep infiltration, transmission and surface flow methods water losses are minimized.

Drainage Seamless

Its water usage efficiency is high and it does not cause drainage problems.

Wide Area

Especially when irrigation water is scarce. allow the irrigation of larger areas in the regions where is provided.

Unbreakable pipe resistant to impacts and sunlight, resistance to corrosion, Resistance to microorganisms and rodents, Easy laying in all kinds of terrain conditions, Ease of transport and assembly, Safe contra system that eliminates water losses by providing impermeability, It is fully compatible with other sprinkler irrigation systems, The advantage of this is; eliminates water leaks in the material,

The sprinkler irrigation system is actually an irrigation method similar to precipitation. The water is dispersed by pumping through a system of pipes and then sprayed into the air. Let’s talk briefly about what sprinkler irrigation systems mean. Sprinkler irrigation systems provide the water needed to soften the soil. In addition to reinforcing the water consumed by the products, it also contributes to agricultural activities. The main purpose of the sprinkler irrigation system is to reach each plant and meet the amount of water it needs. The sprinkler irrigation system consists of some elements. First of all, there is an irrigation pump unit. This unit provides pressure to transmit water from the source to the piping system. There are sprinklers that transform the water jet into droplets. These sprinklers can pass water to different areas of the field or land by hand or machine. Thus, all waters are distributed equally.

What are the application conditions of the sprinkler irrigation method?

Sprinkler irrigation systems are very beneficial if operated properly. It provides an advantage on uneven, sloping or rough terrains. It gives successful results in irrigation of plants with high leakage rate or shallow rooted plants. This irrigation method requires a certain investment and energy costs, but because it requires less labor, it provides an advantage in places where labor is expensive. There are some product ranges in which the sprinkler system is used. One of the biggest advantages of sprinkler irrigation technology is that it provides more efficient use of water for irrigation in agriculture. Because sprinkler systems reduce water loss. Since the water is given in equal amounts, the yield increases and there is a balanced growth among the products. Sprinkler irrigation systems increase crop yield. It is especially ideal for irrigation of products such as cereals, legumes, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables, fruits, cotton, peanuts. We can say that sprinkler irrigation systems are not only limited to the products we have listed, but also for field and tree plants, flowers, spices and condiments.

What are the advantages of sprinkler irrigation systems?

Water usage efficiency is high, so it provides maximum benefit in places where irrigation water is low. It provides the opportunity to irrigate in sloping, rough or uneven land without causing erosion. Although it has a cost at first, it saves labor in the long run. It provides a suitable irrigation efficiency in shallow or shallow lands. On land located near the sea, some dust or harmful insects can be carried by the wind. With the sprinkler irrigation system, these dusts or harmful substances can be easily washed. Soluble artificial fertilizers can be given to the plants with irrigation water and no extra labor is required for this. With the sprinkler irrigation system, delicate plants can be protected from frost or heat. Sprinkler irrigation systems, which are advantageous in many respects, also have some disadvantages. We can summarize the disadvantages of the sprinkler irrigation system as follows.

The initial setup cost is high. It requires high cost especially in fixed systems. Although it is a profitable investment as it saves labor in the long run, the initial setup cost is high. Water is distributed equally and the goal is for each product to get the water it needs, but the wind can negatively affect this situation. When the wind blows, there may be a problem in yield because the water is swept away. It needs a certain power for pumping, which can cause fuel consumption. When put one under the other, fuel consumption can also be an expense item. In sprinkler irrigation systems operating under high temperatures, water evaporation may occur. This is especially true at high temperatures. More efficient operation of the irrigation system can be achieved with high-pressure centrifugal pumps, one of the pump models used in irrigation systems.

Vertical and undulating terrains which cannot irrigated with the_surface irrigation methods can irrigated with the Sprinkler irrigation system without requiring any leveling.

Land Leveling is not Required with the DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System

During the Sprinkler irrigation there is no need to detailed land leveling. in some cases, a slight leveling can be useful to effective functioning of the system. On the other hand, surface irrigation has required intensive land leveling. During the leve ling, fertile topsoil moves asa result of cutting and filling works, so the yield of production significantly decreases.

Using Water Efficiency Increases with DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System.With the Sprinkler irrigation there is no leakage to0 deep and no loss of water during the using irrigation water to the field. So using water efficiency increases. Accordingly, with the system especially in the areas where the irrigation water is insufficient is provided to irrigate large areas.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Doesn’t Create Drainage Problems With the sparkling, water can be controlled, so there is a possibility slight watering. Thus, in the areas where have a drainage problem, the increases of the ground water level and loss of water at sandy and gravelly soils are prevented.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Doesn’t Create Danger of Erosion.Surface irrigation methods lead to serious erosion problems at high oblique cultivated areas. And it is also faced numerous challenges during erosion control. Sprinkler irrigation can be applied with success in the qualified areas without creating erosion problems.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Doesn’t Required Special Education.Surface irrigation systems are required well educated irrigation masters, but the Springer irrigation systems are not required well educated irrigation masters during the process of installation, operation and reveling.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Provides Full Production at the First Year.The efficiency of the yields reaches the previous level after many  years late r with the surface irrigation systems. And they are required medium and heavy leveling. But the Sprinkler irrigation systems are not required any leveling, and !rom the tirsi year full production is provided.

Less and Uniform Water Application can be done with DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System.Sprinkler is the most suitable method that is used lor germination, diluting and displacements of seeds. in this method, water is applied constantly and in small quantities. This qualified water treatment has a great importance about the production of small-seeded plants such as clover and sugar beet. Also, germination difficulties seen especially in the  Çukurova regıon because of drought are removed with the Sprinkler irrigation system.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Enables More Land Cultivation Irrigation canals and flumes are not necessary at the Sprinkler irrigation system. Since cultivated lands increase, there is an increase ın productions. Also the problems such as weed cleaning and spread of weeds aren’t arise at the channels.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Enables Fertilization with the Irrigation Water

Fusible fertilizer scan be given to plants with the irrigation waters without requiring a second labor cost.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Protects Plants !rom Frost and Hot Vegetables, citrus fruits, vineyards and the _other orchards can be protected easily and safely !rom the frost that ıs seen ın winter and ın spring. Also, the drying that is seen in some parts of our country !rom tıme to time can be protected with mass pipe Sprinkler irrigation system.

Soil Preparation is more easier with DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System.The temper water that is required lor sowing  and  planting  is carried  out with DEKA PIPE Sprinkler irrigation system.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Enables Smooth Functioning during Agricultural Operations.Sprinkler irrigation system ensures flexibility and reduces the number of operations. Also there are no needs any operations such as furrow opening.DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Makes Easier the Process of Land Equipments in the Sprinkler irrigation systems there are no obstacles to make difficult the land equipments’ works.

Irrigation can be Done in Exposed Soil with DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System.Sprinkler Irrigation is the most convenient method in the exposed soils which are not suitable lor level ing.

DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Enables Continuously Salt Washing in the Soils.Accumulated salts in the soil prof ile can be washed effective with the system of Sprinkler irrigation. The water which is applied  the  low sprinkling speed was more salt than the  other   ponding methods. Also there is no need to  embankment  providing  ponding  of water and it is possible to wash the salt at sloping lands.

DEKA  PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Prevents Accumulation of Salts al Leaves.Especially in the areas close to the sea, the salt particles at the leaves which are carried by the wind and the accumulated dust at the leaves can be easily washed without damaging plants.Irrigation Works are Minimized with DEKA PIPE Sprinkler Irrigation System Sprinkler irrigation system cannot be compared with the other surface irrigation system in terms of the labor savings.

Sprinkler Fittings

With DekaPipe Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, water usage efficiency is high and it does not cause drainage problems. With sprinkler irrigation systems, water losses are minimized by using deep infiltration, transmission and surface flow methods in the application of irrigation water to the field. For this reason, the efficiency of water use increases and accordingly, it is possible to irrigate larger areas, especially in regions where irrigation water is scarce.

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